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Valve bag

Valve bag. Especially for a filling line. Suitable for products that fit through a valve.

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TradeMax supplies high-quality packaging to the chemical industry so that manufacturers of chemical products such as adhesives, cement, fertilizers and pigments, can safely distribute their products worldwide. Many different sectors including horticulture, livestock and food companies, distribute products that contain chemicals and thus fall into the “chemical products” category. These products must be transported safely. In doing so, it is important to protect both the product and the user. Packaging for the chemical industry must therefore meet strict safety requirements. Often these packages can be identified by the warning sticker on the package.

TradeMax is more than a wholesaler or bag dealer. We take care of our customers silently from Request to Bag. The chemical industry must adhere to strict requirements. This requires packaging that meets all safety requirements. Curious about all of our packaging options? If so, please contact us.

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