Open mouth bag
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Open mouth bag

Open-mouth bag. A bag with many possibilities. Suitable for various products.

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The open-mouth bag for filling convenience

The open-mouth bag is completely open on one side. The designation “open-mouth” refers to the large opening at the top of the bag through which the bag is filled. The open-mouth bag is suitable for filling automatically, or by hand. The filling weight of the bag may vary. To close the bag, the bag does not have to be completely filled. This makes the bag flexible to use. The open-mouth bag can be closed with various closure methods such as sealing, pinchtop or sewing.

A barrier can be installed in some open-mouth bags. A barrier protects the product from external influences. A barrier can consist of different materials and thicknesses and is made by coating, or a liner of IDPE, HDPE or EVOH.

When do you use an open-mouth bag?
The open-mouth bag is suitable for products that should not be hard pressed together. Therefore, the open-mouth bag is often used for delicate products, or products that need to maintain their shape.

  • Sand and gravel
  • Cat Litter Pellets
  • Milk powder
  • Grass seed
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Wood fibers
  • Potting soil

An open-mouth bag is made of:

  • Paper
  • LD
  • Woven polypropylene
  • A combination of these materials is also possible

Printing and delivery

  • The open-mouth bag is available in some sizes and unprinted from stock.
  • Customized and made to specification.
  • Printing possible: two sides and depending on the material in eight colors.

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