Box Pouch
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Box Pouch

Box pouch. Versatile and resealable. Suitable for dry food and non-food products.

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The box pouch is also known as a stand-up pouch. That’s because the box pouch stays upright even without its contents. Sometimes the box pouch has a window, this allows the product inside to be visible. This makes the box pouch very suitable for dry food and non-food products. The box pouch is resealable and available in different sizes. Did you know that the smallest box pouch is the very smallest pouch in our range?

The box pouch can be provided by TradeMax with a simple print, or a sticker. The bag is also great for the very best printing in the colors and style of your company or product. Thus, not only the contents but also the bag is pleasing to the eye.

When do you use a box pouch?
The box pouch is suitable for packing all kinds of products such as:

  • Animal Nutrition
  • Seeds
  • Tea
  • Baking/flour
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Coffee beans
  • Candy

The box pouch is made of paper, plastic or a combination of both.
The box pouch is recyclable, both the paper and plastic versions.

Printing and delivery

  • The box pouch is available from stock in a variety of length and width sizes.
  • Customized and made to specification.
  • The box pouch can be provided by TradeMax with stickers or simple printing. Printing and stickering

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