Printing & stickers
Printing & stickers

Printing or stickering your bag? This is also part of our production process.

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TradeMax makes its mark with years of experience in packaging printing

TradeMax can print packaging with a simple design or feature a sticker. So we turn standard packaging, into packaging that fits the style of your company or product. Because we perform this process ourselves, we can print or label packaging quickly, and in very short runs.

By putting a sticker on the packaging, you can have a unique design in no time. This way you can still give a small run of packaging a unique look. You can also correct printing errors easily and quickly with a sticker. A skill that allows us to help customers who are having problems with their printing with a solution.

Custom printing
Custom printing is available for large runs of packaging materials. A unique design, based on the branding of your company or product, is then printed on the packaging.

Would you like to have your packaging printed? Do you have a challenge or a question? TradeMax is here for you.
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