Pillow bag
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Pillow bag

Pillow bag. The most traditional form of packaging. Suitable for various products.

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The pillow bag cannot stand upright and therefore always lies flat. Therefore, the pillow bag is also called flat bag. As the name suggests, a pillow bag looks like a pillow. The pillow bag is the most traditional as well as the most versatile form of packaging. This makes the bag very suitable for food packaging. For example, small pillow bags are often used for nuts, but non-food products such as softening salt are also packed in pillow bags.

The pillow bag can be made from any material imaginable. For example, a mesh bag is also an example of a pillow bag.

When do you use a pillow bag?
The pillow bag is suitable for packing all kinds of products such as:

  • Animal Nutrition
  • Frozen foods
  • Chips
  • Candy
  • Non-food products such as potting soil or softening salt

Printing and delivery

  • The pillow bag is available from stock in a variety of length and width sizes.
  • Customized and made to specification.
  • Printing with logo or text is possible.

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