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We are TradeMax. Specialist in packaging materials

TradeMax provides high-quality packaging so our customer can distribute their product worry-free worldwide. We are committed to different sectors. We do this with great knowledge, enthusiasm and a down-to-earth mentality that has been passed down from generation to generation for many years. It runs like a burlap thread through the history of this family business.

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How it began

TradeMax’s origins date back to 1935. A bag dealer named Johannes Griffioen then founded the Woerden Rope and Bag Trade. In 1964, Dirk-Jan Griffioen and Leen Griffioen, Johannes’ sons, received shares from their father. They then took over the Woerden Rope and Bag Trade from their father. This was the first business transfer from father to sons.

In the same family, there was another bagger named Hans. In 1988, Hans founded QVE-Holding with his wife Ans. In 1991, Hans took over the Woerden Rope and Bag Business from his father Dirk-Jan. Hans took the reins as the third generation. Shortly thereafter, Hans bought Touw and Yarn Trade Zaanstreek. This was his first business acquisition. In 1994, Hans bought Handelmaatschappij Max Wolf BV, a company of Brabant origin from a Veghel family.

“By going together you create synergy.

Through several more company acquisitions such as the purchase of P.G. Kleinschmidt Handelsmaatschappij and Embal’Agri, more and more synergy was created and Hans’ company grew into an international bag business. Because of the multitude of names and business entities, the name TradeMax Wolf was chosen in 2008. Since 2018, father Hans has handed over the company and TradeMax is fully owned by Iris and Hugo. Brother and sister are the fourth generation of baggers and the second generation to run TradeMax.


As a wholesaler of high-quality packaging, we value sustainability. This is why we produce our packaging with great attention to the environment and people. That means we emphasize the importance of using as few resources as possible. We also advise clients on the use of alternative materials that are better for the environment. Moreover, as one of the few in the Netherlands, we process used jute and residual jute into raw materials for new products such as carpets and mattresses and as protection for the root ball of trees and plants.

But sustainability extends beyond just doing good for the environment as far as we are concerned. We believe in enduring relationships that are precisely non-degradable. Therefore, the human factor is of great value to us. We owe our right to exist not only to our customers, but also to our suppliers and our employees. For and because of them, we always deliver the best quality. We make sure they can always count on us. Thus, we invest in long-term partnerships that pass from generation to generation.

TradeMax is future-proof

Growth is in our blood. We continue to develop and enjoy establishing new relationships. Our long-term vision is inextricably linked to “people” and the mission and vision of TradeMax.


To produce and supply high quality packaging so that our customer can distribute their product worry-free worldwide.


More than a wholesaler or bag dealer. We take care of our customers silently from Request to Bag. With attention to continuity and sustainability. We cherish history and are loyal to our customers and partners. At the same time, we are investing in innovation and new relationships.

‘We exist by the grace of suppliers, customers and our people.
For them, we want to be of significant added value.
Iris & Hugo

Extensive product portfolio

TradeMax specialized more and more in jute and paper bags. Bag printing also became part of the production process. Today, TradeMax offers a wide range of high-quality packaging for various industries.

Printing & stickers

Printing or stickering your bag? This is also part of our production process.

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Pillow bag

Pillow bag. The most traditional form of packaging. Suitable for various products.

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Box Pouch

Box pouch. Versatile and resealable. Suitable for dry food and non-food products.

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Jute bag. These are the best burlap bags you've ever seen. The jute bag is suitable for packing all kinds of products.

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Mesh bag

Mesh bag. Woven and sturdy. Suitable for packing fresh produce.

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Others & accessories

Other and accessories. Everything you need. From the wire to the pallet plate.

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Valve bag

Valve bag. Especially for a filling line. Suitable for products that fit through a valve.

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Open mouth bag

Open-mouth bag. A bag with many possibilities. Suitable for various products.

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Bigbag. The very largest bag especially for packing bulk goods.

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